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InstaRent Guaranteed Rent in Birmingham - InstaRent

InstaRent is finally opening its doors in Birmingham providing guaranteed rent for Landlords

InstaRent is an online real estate service provider that gives landlords the opportunity to rent their properties instantly by using a cost-effective online system that brings together three core advantages in building a profitable property portfolio: Guaranteed Rent, No Voids and Free Maintenance. 

Too good to be true?

Not really, hassle-free guaranteed rent agreements are possible.

We pride ourselves in using a technology-based solution that puts the Landlord first. Our service is straight-forward, replacing the traditional letting agent with a virtual agent that uses a complex online interface to speed up the process of tenanting a property. By operating online, we are able to cut down on operational costs and give more to our clients. By using our rent calculator, Landlords are able to generate offers for their properties based on location, number of bedrooms and general outlook of their unit.

Once a property is rolled into our portfolio of managed properties, a landlord can sign up for up to three years of secure guaranteed rent. We will take on the full responsibility of marketing the property and securing a tenant. In other words, we will become the tenant and subsequently rent the property long or short term, depending on the Landlord’s preferences.

InstaRent is a proprietary product of Tudors Estates Ltd. Tudors Estates Ltd. uses InstaRent to generate instant property valuation online for landlords seeking a secure rental income.

Although charging high maintenance and admin fees, traditional agencies do not guarantee a monthly rental income. By using InstaRent ™, the landlord will cut down on most of the traditional agency costs and save up to 10% of a normal rental income. Our main strength in the face of traditional letting agencies is the ability to mitigate risks and cover rent arrears by becoming the actual tenant of the properties submitted to our system

Aiming for long-term partnerships

One of the most important advantages of using InstaRent is the opportunity to benefit from guaranteed rent agreements for long periods of time. Not having any void periods or arrears is essential to any landlord and provides an extra layer of safety and security. If your property is in good shape, you could benefit from a guaranteed rent scheme of up to three years.

Are you interested in receiving an instant guaranteed rent offer?

You can visit our calculator here

If you’d like to learn more or have a property in Birmingham, give us a call on +44 (0) 121 318 1811.

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