Guaranteed Rent. No Voids. No Fees


InstaRent gives landlords the opportunity to rent their properties in less than 24hrs by using a cost-effective online system that guarantees their monthly rental income with no hidden fees.

Our strategy is simple: Guaranteed Rent. No Voids. No Fees.


Rent Guaranteed

Your rent paid on time, even if the property is empty.

No Voids

Up to 5 Year contracts for fixed rental amounts.

Free maintenance and repairs

We'll fix the small issues so you don't have to. T&Cs apply.

How we do it

We use an online valuation system to determine the initial rental estimate for your property. Our system uses market data from different property websites to determine a range of monthly rental income for the Landlord.
Once the offer on our website is sent to us via email, we assess the property and request a few details from the Landlord, to determine the final rental valuation. In some cases, we might require a visit on site for more accuracy and a final offer.
The last and final step is drafting the contract with the Landlord, and making the first rental payment. We will furnish and take professional pictures of your property and make our first payment to you before finding a tenant.

InstaRent – rent your property free of fees

Costs of letting a property


Average high street letting agents

Gross rent£11,760£11,760
Management fee016% (£1881.6)
Tenant-find fee0£600
Lost income due to void periods and/or issues related to bad tenants0£700
Additional fees (checkout, inventory, admin)0£350
Your bottom line£11,760£8,028